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A simple Augmented Reality Aurasma project

I’m using Aurasma for an Augmented Reality project on the colonies to share with another school’s 5th grade class that is still a work in progress.  Another teacher overheard us discussing the project and wanted to try Aurasma in her 7th grade science class.  Her students were already in the middle of a planet project.  In this project, the students studied a specific planet and then determined the necessary requirements for the planet to support human life.  They would then illustrate a picture visually representing the planet’s new features.



A few of the students were finishing earlier so we decided a good extension project would be for them to write a script explaining their illustration.   We then had them video record their script using the iPad.  This is one simple example:

We then took the video into Aurasma and combined the video with their image and the final product looked like this once it was viewed in the Aurasma app:



While the work wasn’t anything significantly groundbreaking, it was a simple way to introduce the students to Augmented Reality and Aurasma.  This introduction opens to door for us to do more complex and innovative projects later in the year!