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We all want our students and children to reach out and grab sparks of knowledge like fireflies in the night.Capturing and admiring these fireflies of knowledge takes the right environment for them to flourish. This book illustrates ten elements of building authentic tasks in the classroom through rich narratives and engaging projects. These elements encompassed into WECAPTURED will have your students searching for the flashes of knowledge flying around the classroom. Use these elements to turn your classroom into a Firefly Classroom.


Release June 1, 2018. Book is available here.

“Flipping Your English Class to Reach All Learners: Strategies and Lesson Plans”
Learn how flipping your English language arts classroom can help you reach students of different abilities, improve classroom management, and give you more time to interact with each student. This practical book shows why flipped classrooms are effective and how they work.
You will find out how to flip your instruction in writing, reading, language, and speaking and listening while meeting the Common Core State Standards. A variety of step-by-step lesson plans are provided.  Click on the book’s image to order a copy.


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