Troy Cockrum is a teacher and author that provides innovative presentations through keynotes, featured sessions at conferences, and school-based training. See a list of customizable presentations here.
He is the Student Publications Teacher/Adviser and Public Speaking Teacher at Bishop Chatard High School in Indiana. Perviously, he was a High School Theatre Director, a High School Instructional Technology Director, and a Middle School English teacher.
He is the author of “Flipping Your English Class to Reach All Learners” and “Firefly Classrooms” and specializes in incorporating technology in the classroom.  He has successfully infused technology into his Language Arts Curriculum and has presented and trained others across the country on doing the same.  He is a recognized leader in the Flipped Class movement.

In July of 2011, Mr. Cockrum was selected to attend the Google Teacher Academy in Seattle where he became a Google Certified Teacher.  In 2013, he was a recipient of the Jacobs Educator Award from Indiana University recognizing innovative ways to use inquiry and technology in the classroom.  In 2015, he was selected as one of only 28 educators to be part of NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Ambassador Program and got to fly in the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy.

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